Our Research

Advances in treatments for ASD in the past 30 years have improved the prognosis of individuals with ASD considerably, especially when they are identified young and imomandsonntensive treatment is begun early in life. Despite improvements in available treatment options for children with ASD, much is still unknown about the most effective ways to intervene. Research that can identify the most effective treatment targets, treatment techniques, and treatment delivery models is important, both for the development of more effective social communication interventions, and for the understanding the mechanisms involved in the development of disordered social communication.

Our lab studies social communication deficits in ASD and the development, evaluation, and dissemination of social communication interventions. We also conduct research on the impact of ASD on the family and the broader autism phenotype.  A major emphasis of our current work is on the development of community-focused, parent-mediated interventions for young children with ASD.

Our lab collaborates with a number of other labs across campus. Please visit MSU RAIND for more information on autism research being conducted across MSU.

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