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Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research

The Consortium's Mission:

Our primary mission is to generate and apply psychological science to increase our understanding of multicultural issues in both domestic and international contexts.

Structure and Organization:

The Consortium is an integral part of the Department of Psychology at Michigan State University. It is administered by the Director and a Advisory Committee and consists of Core Faculty and Affiliated Faculty, all of whom are members of the Department. The Consortium is also supported by Consortium Associates who come from other departments and agencies at Michigan State University as well as from other parts of the country. Undergraduate and graduate students from the department and across campus also participate actively in the Consortium.

The Consortium includes a full range of research activities, including research collaboration between faculty members, research opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students, as well as special activities to promote the dissemination of multicultural psychology research. Currently, the Consortium is organized into Research Networks, Data Archive, and Special Activities and Initiatives.

The Research Networks are intellectual communities that bring together faculty, staff, and student investigators pursuing a common multicultural issue in psychology. The Consortium currently has research networks organized around five programmatic areas: (a) Culture and mental health, (b) Culture in organizations, (c) Culture in communities, (d) Culture and human development, and (e) Cross-cultural assessment and research methods.

The Data Archive housed at the Consortium allows for secondary analysis in order to advance multicultural psychology research. Therefore, we have selected data sets that have significant numbers of cultural, racial, and ethnic groups and/or multiculturally relevant variables and elements. A primary reason for developing a data archive is that collecting data on culturally diverse populations can be challenging. In addition, secondary analyses of data sets can also serve as an excellent training opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students.

In addition to the Research Networks and Data Archives, the Consortium undertakes Special Activities and Initiatives in order to achieve its mission. Currently, these activities and initiatives include: (a) the Annual Distinguished Lecture in Multicultural Psychology, (b) the MSU Symposium on Multicultural Psychology (a biennial invitational conference from which a book will be published), and (c) the APA Advanced Training Institute on Research Methods with Diverse Racial and Ethnic Groups (Summer).

Development of the Consortium:

Globalization has increased the importance of cultural diversity for both our country and our discipline. In recognition of this fact, the Psychology Department at Michigan State University launched a Multicultural Initiative which was funded jointly by the Department, the College of Social Science, and the Office of the Provost.

A primary goal of this Multicultural Initiative is to take advantage of the multicultural expertise already existing within the Department and from across campus in order to advance multicultural psychological research. Professor Frederick Leong was hired to lead the initiative and, with the support of the Department, he established the Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research in 2007. With a primary focus on research, the Consortium was created to promote research on both domestic and international aspects of multicultural psychology.