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Graduate Student Multicultural Research Grant

In order to encourage and support exemplary multicultural research undertaken by graduate students in the department, the Consortium for Multicultural Psychological Research (CMPR) has established the Graduate Student Multicultural Research Grant to be given annually.

Research Domain:
The Graduate Student Multicultural Research Grant will be awarded to the graduate student submitting the most innovative and promising proposal for research in the area of multicultural psychology. We define multicultural research very broadly, including research related to race, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status. Although preference will be given to dissertation and master’s thesis research, proposals for other research will be accepted. Submissions for qualitative and quantitative research projects are welcome.

In order for the grant application to be considered, the applicant must be a current graduate student, in good standing, in the Department of Psychology at Michigan State University, and the research must be completed while the student is graduate student at MSU. Past recipients of the Graduate Student Multicultural Research Grant are not eligible to apply.

How to submit:
Grant applications and faculty mentor certifications must be submitted electronically by the third Monday of October to Jean Robinson (jrobins@msu.edu). The review of applications and selection of the recipient will be undertaken by the CMPR Student Award committee. Submissions will be evaluated on their: 1) relevance to multicultural research, 2) potential contribution to multicultural research, 3) feasibility, and 4) innovation.

The Award:
The grant award winner will be announced by the third Friday in November and will receive $300 and a certificate suitable for framing. The grant funds may be used at the discretion of the grant winner for research expenses, conference travel, or other purposes.

Application (pdf)


2017 - Dia Chatterjee (Deepshikha)

2016 - Samantha Schires

2015 - Felix Cheung

2014 - Katie Clements

2013 - Brittany Lannert and Christine Kermond