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CMPR Partners

Partners are agencies and institutions here at MSU and elsewhere which collaborate with the Consortium on various projects and activities in order to achieve our mission.

Center for Cross-Cultural Research, Western Washington University, Jeffrey King, Director. Web: http://www.ac.wwu.edu/~culture/about.htm

Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, Michigan State University, Ms. Paulette Granberry Russell, Director. Web: http://www.inclusion.msu.edu/

Julian Samora Research Institute, Michigan State University, Dr. Ruben Martinez, Director. Web: http://www.jsri.msu.edu/

Psi Alpha Omega, National Honor Society for Ethnic Minority Students in Psychology, Dr. Joseph Horvat, Director. Web: http://www.psialphaomega.com/

Counseling Center, Michigan State University, Dr. Jan Collins-Eaglin, Director. Web: http://www.couns.msu.edu/