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Research Networks

The Research Networks serve as the core activity of the Consortium by bringing together faculty, staff, and student investigators to pursue collaborative research projects within multicultural psychology. Each of the networks, which is focused on a particular theme and functions independently, is lead by a coordinator. Individuals interested in participating in a research network should contact the appropriate coordinator listed below.

I. Culture and Mental Health (Coordinator: Fred Leong, fleong@msu.edu)

II. Culture and Organizations (Coordinator: Ann Marie Ryan, ryanan@msu.edu)

III. Culture and Communities (Coordinator: Robin Miller, mill1493@msu.edu)

IV. Culture and Human Development (Coordinator: Linda Jackson, jackso67@msu.edu)

V. Assessment and Research Methods (Coordinators: Brent Donnellan (donnel59@msu.edu), Richard Lucas (lucasri@msu.edu))