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Visiting Scholars Program

In order to accomplish the mission of the Consortium, we have established a Visiting Scholars Program that encourages multicultural researchers from around the country and other parts of the world to spend time with us to collaborate on various research projects in conjunction with our research networks. Visiting Scholars will spend anywhere from one week to one year at the Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research in order to plan, execute and complete research projects.

Visiting Scholars

Associate Professor
Zhang Jinmei
(Spring 2015 - Spring 2016)

Dr. Zhang is an associate professor in Faculty of Management and Economics in Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, Yunnan, China. She received her Ph. D. in developmental and educational psychology in Psychology School of Southwest University, China in 2008. Her major research interests involve organizational psychology in multicultural background and ethnic psychology. She has published about 30 articles/books in these fields, worked on and participated in projects on these topics supported by National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, National Natural Science Fund, Chinese Education Ministry and Yunnan Provincial Education Department. Now her research mainly focuses on social support and job stress in multicultural background. Currently she is a visiting scholar in Consortium of Multicultural Psychology Research at Michigan State University from March 2015 to February 2016.

Assistant Professor
Dženana Husremović
(Spring 2013)

Dženana Husremović is the Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina where she teaches Measurements in Psychology (Psychometrics) and Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She is also co-founder and senior researcher in proMENTE social research, think tank for social researches and action projects. She received her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at University of Sarajevo. Her major interests involve career development and well - being of workers. For past few years, as an expert in quantitative psychology, she was involved in number of national researches concerning the quality of education system in Bosnia and Hercegovina. She was a national lead researcher and member of research teams in international projects on education policies run by NEPC - Network of Educational Policy Centers. She is currently a member of Executive Board at her Faculty and representative of Office for Quality Assurance. Her publications include numbers of articles and reports concerning career development and education policy issues. She is also a certified trainer for Civil Service Agency in B&H and Center for education of judges and prosecutors in FBiH on communication skills and was involved in number of projects developed by USAID in Bosnia and Hercegovina. She is an active member of Association of Psychologists in FBiH and was a president of Ethical Board in two mandates.

Associate Professor
Elena Molchanova, M.D.
(Fall, 2012)

Dr. Molchanova is an Associate Professor in American University in Central Asia and in Slavonic University in Kyrgyz Republic. She received her postgraduate degree in psychiatry in 1998 from the High Attestation Committee of Russian Federation; the topic of dissertation was devoted to cultural alexithymia and its influence on formation of somatoform and conversional disorders in Kyrgyz citizens. Her major research interests involve time perception in mental disorders, cognitive schemas of mental health and psychopathology in Central Asian cultures (Kyrgyz, Kazakh, and Tadjik), relationships between traditional healing and official medicine, PTSD and seeking for help in traditional Uzbek and Kyrgyz families. She has published more then 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals (in Russian) and four manuals for mental health professionals. In 2010 she was invited to enter the editorial board of “Medical Psychology Journal in Russia”, and in 2012 she has become a member of the editorial board of “Historical Psychology and Sociology of History”. Dr. Molchanova is a chief consultant of Kyrgyz Psychiatric Association, a member of the Word Federation of Mental Health and World Psychiatric Association. She is going to be a visiting scholar in Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research at Michigan State University in Fall 2012.

Associate Professor
Li Yuhui
(Spring 2011 - Fall 2011)

Dr. Li is an Associate Professor in the School of Labor and Human Resources and also Researcher of the Institute of Leadership in Renmin University of China, Beijing, China. She received her Ph.D. in personality and applied psychology from Institute of Psychology of CAS in 2007. Her major research interests involve job stress & engagement, Counterproductive Work Behaviors & leadership, Multicultural Psychology & Personality assessment. She has published over 30 articles/books and worked on over 10 projects on these issues with private companies and government organizations. Recently she has become interested in workplace negative attitude and emotion, especially employee envy and jealousy. She is a core member of Chinese Behavior Science Association (2007- ), member of Chinese Labor Science Association (2007- ), and member of International Psychological Testing Association (2008- ). Currently she is a visiting scholar in Department of Psychology at Michigan State University working with Professor John Schaubroeck.

Jinkook Tak
(Fall, 2006)

Professor Tak is a Professor in the Department of Industrial Psychology and also Chair of the Coaching Psychology Program at Graduate School of Education in Kwangwoon University, Seoul, Korea. He received his Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from Kansas State University in 1991. His major research interests involve job stress, career development, and leadership. He has published over 80 articles and worked on over 20 projects on these issues with private companies and government organizations. Recently he has become interested in coaching psychology, especially executive coaching. He was President of the Korean Industrial and Organizational Psychological Association (2003-2005) and Chair of Psychological Test Committee at Korean Psychological Association (2007-2008). He was also a visiting scholar to Department of Psychology at Ohio State University and Michigan State University. He is Certified Industrial and Organizational psychologist and Certified Health Psychologist acknowledged by Korean Psychological Association. Now he is on the Board of Directors of Korean Employee Assistance Program Association, Korean Job Stress Association, Korean Industrial and Organizational Association, and Korean Health Psychological Association. He is also an Honorary Vice President of Society for Coaching Psychology in the U.K.