For Parents

We're seeking Michigan families with a child between the ages of 4 and 7 to participate in a new study! The purpose of the study is to understand more about children’s temperament and the bases of their personality. Parents will complete some online questionnaires about themselves and their child. Your child will complete a 2 hour visit to our lab at MSU to play a series of games and simple tasks to measure their personality. You will have the option to be in the room with your child for most of the visit. The only exceptions to this are when we’re performing tasks meant to see how your child reacts to new situations or when the task involves surprising you. Whenever you are not in the room with your child, you will still be able to see and hear everything s/he is doing! We do our best to ensure this is a pleasant experience for you and your child.

If this seems like something you and your child are interested in doing, please call us at 517-353-1400 or email us at